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Energy ImpACT Illinois


GreenChoice Bank believes in helping homeowners retrofit
their homes to be more energy efficient. We are currently
the only bank participating in the Energy ImpACT Illinois (EI2)
residential loan program to provide financing for residential retrofits.

Loans can be used for the following types of efficiency upgrades:
  • Boiler or furnace with additional items - If done in conjunction with a boiler or furnace upgrade, water heaters, programmable thermostats, central AC and other ENERGY STAR® appliances and equipment are eligible. Must be installed by a participating Heating/Cooling contractor.
  • Whole home improvements - Anything recommended by a certified energy auditor that results in a comprehensive savings of 15% or more. Must be installed by a participating energy upgrade contractor.

GreenChoice Bank offers unsecured loans to support up to 90% of the cost of these improvements and our application process is quick and easy. We also can offer secured loans for larger amounts/projects. To get started, download our application package here:

GreenChoice Bank EI2 Application

To learn how EI2 can help with the purchase or sale of a home that is in need of energy improvements, read this Chicago Agent Magazine interview with GreenChoice Bank's Jon Levey: Taking the Chill Out of Residential Efficiency Improvements.

The EI2 program is only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to save. Register today
to attend a free EI2 Home Energy Workshop on Saturday, April 6 at 10:30 a.m. at your nearest GreenChoice Bank branch location. Want to know more? See our March 18, 2013 EI2 blog post for details!