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Important Information for Our Customers
We have an important message for all GreenChoice Bank customers regarding the recent card breach incident at Target stores ...More »


What is a "green" community bank?
GreenChoice Bank is the Midwest's first community bank that is dedicated to the environmental, social, and financial well-being of our communities and our planet ...More »

Our green location
GreenChoice Bank’s flagship location is now open the Green Exchange. Read more about the community we have joined and our LEED Platinum building space.  ...More »

Now in Chicago!

We now have three locations from which to serve you in person.  Visit us to see our three sustainably built locations and open an account, or open an account online.

Make a conscious choice with your deposits!  There are many great reasons to move your money to GreenChoice Bank:

  • Service - we'll take better care of you than a big bank.  We will take the time to know you as a customer and you can call us call centers here!
  • Rates and Fees - we usually pay you much higher rates than the bigger banks, and we will never nickel and dime you like charging for using your debit card.
  • Vote with Your Dollars - when you bank with GreenChoice Bank, your deposits are used to provide capital to local and sustainable businesses, property owners, and community programs.


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