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What is a Green Community Bank?

GreenChoice Bank is dedicated to providing a better choice for consumers
and businesses. Our relationship-driven approach is built on a foundation of
core values designed to enhance the environmental, social and financial well-being
of our communities and planet.

GreenChoice Bank is the first community bank of its kind in the Midwest that is implementing these values across all areas of its business. Our commitment is so resolute, we put our promise to you in our name.

We were founded by an experienced team of local bankers that saw a void in the banking industry. Banks had gotten away from their true responsibility to the community, which we believe should be investing in the local economy and treating customers as people and not just account numbers. There was a growing need for a better relationship between banks, the public they serve, and their collective impact on the planet. From that opportunity, GreenChoice Bank was formed.

Conscious about More than Your Money

At our core, GreenChoice Bank is a local community bank, with all of the products and services you expect from your financial institution. In addition, our values-based mission of sustainability has informed each and every aspect of our Bank’s organization, structure, products, and processes, including:

Products and Services

We believe in meeting your unique banking needs while helping you feel good about your environmentally and socially responsible choices.

  • Advantaged loan and deposit products reward our customers for making better and more sustainable choices with their banking, such as our GreenChoice Checking account which pays a higher rate than other accounts if you use our “green” banking features. See our Personal Checking and Money Market Accounts page for more details.
  • With a team of bankers who understand sustainability – LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals make up half our management team – we have the know-how to get your project done.
  • We actively target lending to the sustainable business community.

Social Responsibility

We believe in taking care of our employees and the people in our communities.

  • We treat our customers with respect and use common sense to resolve your issues without the bureaucracy of the big banks.
  • We invest in our communities by providing sponsorships and educational resources, as well as lending to local small businesses and entrepreneurs who create green jobs. We want to share what we have learned on our journey to create our more sustainably-run business.
  • Employee policies encourage sustainable choices, such as volunteering in the community and using public transportation to commute to work. We provide ongoing sustainability training to our employees, so that we are always mindful of how we run our bank and can best serve you.

More Sustainable Operations

We believe in minimizing our environmental footprint, which is more efficient for our business and the planet.

  • We’ve committed to reducing waste in back-office operations by implementing paperless processes, electronic document distribution, image-based check processing, online banking and e-statements.
  • We’re re-examining the banking industry’s long-standing wasteful business practices, applying product innovations and enacting more mindful sourcing, such as GreenChoice debit cards with of 100 percent recycled plastic core.
  • We are often asking questions of our banking industry partners – questions that haven’t been asked before -- in order to do things better.

Green Buildings

We believe in working in more sustainably-built buildings that are healthier places to do business and have a lower impact on the environment.

  • We strive to create a small physical footprint to reduce our environmental impact, instead using technology and service to bring the bank to you.
  • Our Green Exchange flagship location is seeking LEED Platinum certification.
  • We retrofitted our two branch locations in Lockport and Cicero for LEED certification.

Through these efforts, we are providing the Chicagoland area with the opportunity to make a values-based choice about where they bank.

We are a Certified B Corporation and a member of the Foresight Sustainable Business Alliance and Green America. Click here for more detail on how we’re conscious about more than your money.

Walking the Walk

As a partner to the sustainable business community, we understand the challenges of trying to be a better and more responsible business because we’re going through the same process! In 2010, we acquired Family Federal Savings of Illinois, which had a respected 100-year history of serving its community. We are carrying on that tradition, while positioning the bank for a more vibrant and resilient future. We invested most of 2010 re-engineering the business to GreenChoice’s standards. This involved retrofitting its two branch locations and applying for LEED certification, introducing online and other electronic banking capabilities and launching a cultural change to incorporate sustainability initiatives throughout the business.

It is an ongoing journey that has given our team a unique perspective on being a sustainability-minded business. We will always be striving to be better and more innovative and we promise to keep you updated on our progress.

You deserve to have a banking partner that shares your values and respects your choices. You deserve to have a banking partner that you can feel good about. You deserve the opportunity to make GreenChoice Bank your bank of choice.